TBI’s Academic Safari 2017-04-04T17:04:16+00:00

Interested in exploring the Turkana Basin? This summer, join us on an Academic Safari.

TBI’s Academic Safari is tailored to educators and other academic professionals who want to experience first-hand the paleontology and archaeology of the famous Turkana Basin. Through a combination of talks, site visits, and one-on-one conversations with leading scientists, participants in this program will gain a comprehensive overview of this scientifically important part of the world.

Planned dates for 2017 are June 26 to July 11. Cost for this program is $5,500 which includes all chartered flights, full room and board, plus other incidental expenses, while in Kenya.

For more information about this program, please call +1 (631) 632-5800 or email turkanabasin@stonybrook.edu.

Program Highlights:

  • View an impressive array of African wildlife during a stay at Mpala Research Centre in central Kenya, where elephant, rhino, wild dogs, buffalo, giraffe, and big cats are commonly sighted.
  • Visit famous fossil and artifact discovery sites such as Koobi Fora, Nariokotome, Lomekwi (world’s oldest stone tools), Lothagam, Buluk, and others.
  • Learn about classic fossil finds, such as ER-1470, Turkana Boy, Black Skull, and Kenyanthropus from the people who discovered them.
  • Explore Lake Turkana, the world’s largest desert lake, and take a boat trip to Central Island, a volcanic island and an important wildlife breeding ground.
  • Observe, first-hand, research currently underway in the Turkana Basin, explained by top scientists in their field.