Field Schools are based at TBI’s Ileret and Turkwel research facilities, built respectively on the east and west sides of beautiful Lake Turkana. Students live in comfortable, safe, dormitory-style quarters. There is clean water, showers, flushing toilets and electricity. Mosquito nets, towels and bedding are provided. Food is plentiful, fresh and varied. Limited internet and cell phone service is available.

TBI built its state-of-the-art campuses on both sides of Lake Turkana to reduce the enormous logistical challenge of accessing many of the most important sites in the vast and remote Turkana Basin, allowing year-round research to take place. As a field school student, you’ll be living, working, and studying where many of the top scientists in the have made, and continue to make, groundbreaking discoveries that have shaped the way we understand our origins.

TBI-Ileret is situated about 3 miles from Ileret village, close to the Kenya-Ethiopia border, on the east side of the lake. TBI-Turkwel is situated on the west side of Lake Turkana, near the village of Nakechichok on the Turkwel River. Both campuses have large laboratories with fossil preparation and storage areas, spacious, breezy classroom areas, and dining areas with beautiful views of the Lake Turkana landscape and fossil exposures.

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